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Septembers Are For Fresh Starts: Our New One-Month Course Starts October 6th!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair." -Shirley Chisholm

Summer is a great time to reimagine and recreate. Everything looks brighter - and clearer - bathed in summer sun. After two successful years of Woman's Compass courses, our team took the opportunity - with the help of our fabulous alumnae - to look back, take stock and re-envision our format for the Fall of 2021. Welcome to Woman's Compass 2.0 - the one-month course, starting Oct 6th! Sign up now. If you've taken one of our courses you should have received an email with special pricing. We also offer special pricing for groups. See details below!

Remember the old back-to-school days, new backpacks with fresh, clean notebooks, full of possibility? Recapture that feeling! This time, instead of quadratic equations you'll be learning about how to best manage the most important areas of your life -- your finances, your legal needs, and your overall health and wellness. One month and four hour-long webinars devoted to YOU. What will you learn?

Key essentials including:

1) Building wealth with retirement savings and investments; 2) Nurturing health and managing stress with nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness; 3) Protecting it all - wealth and health - with the legal documents everybody needs. We've learned a lot from our students. First, that the integration of finance, law, and health makes our Woman's Compass Course uniquely effective. One of our students called us her brain trust - and we love it because it crystallizes the impact of our integrated approach. You get a course that combines expertise in these three important areas in a format that's practical, concise, and yes, even fun! In addition, the Compass Course provides community and accountability to keep you engaged, supported, and on track every step of the way.

Want in? Join us for the new one-month online course. We make it easy and super accessible at just $349, with special offers for alumnae (you should have gotten an email!) Because we've seen students frequently sign up with friends, sisters, or cousins, we're also offering group discounts for groups of 2 or more who register together: $249 each for 2 people, and $225 each for 3 people. Contact us for discount codes - and let us know if you have a larger group - we're happy to accommodate! As always, special pricing is available for our alumnae - you should have already received an email with details.

Start fresh this fall. Be - and feel - empowered how, when and where it matters most. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for helpful information and education on self-care of the most important kind.

Get grounded for life with Woman's Compass Forum.

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