Modern life feels overwhelming. We teach you how to quiet the noise and make it all more manageable. You’ll learn to balance and manage budgets, investments and retirement, vital documents, healthcare and estate planning, sleep, movement, mindfulness and much more.


Best of all, you’ll be part of a supportive and dynamic community of empowered women who, together, get grounded for life.

Waterside Women

"This course is a safe space for women to learn and grow.  No matter what stage of life you start this course, you will end it on a path to take better care of yourself and your family.  They have seen it all before and really leave any judgement at the door.  You will feel stronger and more in control of your finances & legal challenges. Not to mention get some great self care advice too.  Thank you The Three Musketeers!"


"I absolutely LOVED your entire seminar.
Wow, what an enormous amount of helpful information that made me feel much more empowered & motivated to get back in the driver’s seat."


“Well… a very inspiring workshop to say the least! Well presented!! Thanks to all 3 of you for some very helpful info. I feel very empowered! Deep exhales girls!”


“It's ALOT of information in 3 months. I LOVED loved loved ALL Of it though, and will be going BACK to the course to re-watch/do more of the work.”

BARA SAPIR, MA, CHt, CNLP, City Test Prep

“The workshop was FABULOUS. Thank you so very much!! Looking forward to my "adulting"”


“The reason I chose to take the course is because I trust Galia and her partners, they care about the outcome and not just how to get there financially, which is hard to come by; especially in this area. Raising money is nice; doing something--showing up, is something different altogether. These women want to bring people up, which is why they charge next to nothing for this invaluable information.”

“I love that it's a course organized by women for women. I appreciate this type of supportive, empowering environment and vibe. Thank you so much for what you do.”


“What a motivating course for getting your financial, legal and personal health affairs in order!  The interactive budgeting and financial spreadsheets made it so easy to get a handle on your spending habits and figure out where you are and where you need to go.”


“The Woman’s Compass Course has given me a strong foundation, a scaffolding, and tools to build a stronger edifice with confidence and competence. It takes the guesswork out of the equation. I highly recommend the course to all women, no matter where they are on their life journey.”


“By women and for women this course de-mystifies law, finance and the intricacies of caring for your body. These top-notch instructors led me from confusion to clarity. With loads of material there is literally something for every woman to implement in an easy, non-judgmental way. As a business owner I found it particularly useful. I now have a precise action plan in each of these very important life areas and feel much more in control of my affairs.”


Other Comments:

  • “I was impressed with everyone’s presentation!!”

  • “I highly recommend this course for everyone to become more comfortable and independent managing their own affairs. Especially women to take control of their finances, legal issues and self- care.”

  • “I like that it is spread over time - might have been overwhelmed in a weekend - love action lists.”

Yes, I want to join the 3 Month Course.