If you're ready to learn from Experts about creating a working plan around your Personal Finance, Movement/Nutrition and Legal well-being - then you’ve come to the right place. Led by Galia Gichon, Margie Jacobson and Michelle Didner, founders of the Woman's Compass Workshop.







All webinars will be live and archived​.

  • We help you get organized - so you know where money is, where it goes and what you want to do with it. 

  • We give you easy budget templates -- so you spend smarter and save more money.

  • We give you the deets about mutual funds - so you can save more for retirement. 

  • ​We teach you nutritional guidelines - so you plan meals that are healthier AND save you $$.

  • We inspire you to exercise and enjoy healthier habits  - so you have more energy and feel better.

  • We give you tons of resources so that you can finally get a good night’s sleep!

  • We give you tools to organize and store everything you need in any emergency - so you feel safe and secure

  • We explain healthcare and estate planning - so you create the advance directives, proxies, wills and trusts that work for you. 

  • We give you all kinds of resources - so you have everything from DIY websites to lawyer-finding tools, along with the questions you’ll need to ask. 

STARTS FEB 2, 2021


Woman Picking Organic Vegetables

Hunt, Gather and Weed

You need to know where you are now to know where you want to go. So we provide weekly resources to help you organize, analyze and gain control of all the stuff.  By stuff we mean the legal documents you have (and the ones you don’t but should), how you’re earning, spending and saving (or could be), and the way you’re eating/sleeping/exercising/meditating (or not). Say goodbye to what’s not working and clear space for what will. Then join us every month for Q&A access to real answers from the experts

Webinar 1 - Understand your snapshot and spending plan

Webinar 2 - Get real about your health and self-care goals

Webinar 3 - Collect and organize your financial and legal information

Webinar 4 - Q & A


Herb Plants


Now you know the landscape --  you’re ready to plant.  Create your ideal retirement; design a nutrition, exercise and mindfulness program that works for you; and protect your health, property and family with advance healthcare directives and a realistic estate plan. Feel those endorphins yet? You will!

Webinar 5 - Create your ideal retirement

Webinar 6 - Design a nutrition, exercise, and self-care program

Webinar 7 - Create an estate plan that’s right for you and your family

Webinar 8 - Q & A


Pink Flower Bloom


You’ve got your to-do list and the resources to get those to dos done! Now we’ll add more specific guidance as well as tips for dealing with possible twists and turns in the road ahead. You’ll get tools to help you: Secure investments at every level;  plan for the future of your business; assist aging parents and adult children; understand divorce basics; and use mind/body tools to help you manage all of the above - and the accompanying stress - mindfully, calmly and effectively. That’s 360 degrees of support! All this plus a supportive community where you can celebrate progress & share ideas.

Webinar 9 - Secure investments for every level

Webinar 10 - Feel the glow, your plan in action

Webinar 11 - Ground your infrastructure in place and prepare for life events

Webinar 12 - Q & A

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