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Building Your Brain Trust

Building Your Brain Trust

One of our course participants recently called us her brain trust ... and we love it! A brain trust is a small group of trusted colleagues from different sectors who work together to come up with creative ideas and solutions. The key is to get multiple perspectives to generate new directions — the kind you’d never get if everyone came from the same discipline. And that's exactly what a financial planner, a lawyer and a nutritionist/yoga teacher - working together to inform and support women - provide!

We call our last webinar each month "Q & A" and it's the best place to see our brain trust in action. After a deep-dive webinar on each discipline, we take an hour to help you synthesize the information, respond to your questions, and "connect the dots" between the three areas. We go wherever you take us - and we cover a lot! This month was no exception; we discussed such diverse (and often interrelated) areas as budgeting strategies, meal planning, meal planning on a budget, liability for a spouse's debt, using a family lawyer, green juices, and much more.

One particularly helpful question concerned how freelancers and small business owners should differentiate and manage their business vs. personal income. Here's a handy graphic to help conceptualize it all.

Could you benefit from a personal brain trust, a trusted board of advisors to help manage the most important areas of your life? Be a part of our dynamic community. Take one action today to start building your scaffold. Progress in one area will move you forward in all others.

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