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Enrich Your Life While Making Coffee

Can you enrich yourself while making breakfast, folding laundry or walking your dog? Yes, with a phone, tablet or computer! September 15 is National Online Learning Day. Who knew that this thing we're all doing -- at all ages, at all times of the day and night, on laptops across the globe -- had it's own commemorative day? While it has it's frustrations and limitations (just ask my high school daughter!), online learning has been a real lifeline to millions, and something that is here to stay.

Michelle reminds us weekly of the importance of movement and exercise for our physical health. Learning is exercise for our minds. What's more, it empowers and enriches us. Consider the term "enrichment." It encompasses more than just improving quality or value; to enrich also means to make someone wealthier. It's sometimes hard to look at Covid's silver linings, but expansive online learning is definitely one of them. This week, let's celebrate National Online Learning Day, with gratitude for the tools and resources that allow us to continue growing.

Looking for resources? Woman's Compass Forum's 3-month online course, for one! Our weekly webinars are all live and recorded - so you can participate with our dynamic group or/and listen on your own time. We're also loving podcasts - I listen while walking outside, working out and cooking dinner. Here are a few of our latest favorites.


  • Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Hyman MD - Always an interesting listen for issues around food, nutrition and health, from a doctors point of view.

  • Rich Roll - My absolute favorite podcast! Always fascinating, brilliant and edgy guests discussing a wide range of topics from veganism to politics, health and sports - all charmingly guided by author and ultra endurance athlete Rich Roll from his studio in Malibu California.


  • So Money Podcast by Farnoosh Torabi

  • Death, Sex and Money

  • She Makes Money Moves

  • Afford Anything by Paula Pant

  • Planet Money


Enrich yourself more in the areas personal finance, legal health, and mind/body wellness by registering now for Woman’s Compass Forum. Our next 3-month online course starts Oct 6!

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