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Tuesday Takeaways


We kicked-off our new fall course this week with a kick-ass presentation by Galia on budgeting. Even for someone who has co-presented with Galia many times, this was an eye-opening and motivating hour! Speaking of motivating, we had the opportunity to meet and greet some of our new class participants Tuesday ... and they are amazing! We're already delving into their thoughtful questions and complex, varied interests. And those who want more accountability have been paired with an "accountability partner" for ongoing support and motivation.

  This week’s webinar was about looking at our personal finances today. Why? Because we don’t know where we want to go unless we know where we are RIGHT NOW!  While taking a hard look at our current financial picture can be difficult, this necessary first step informs and empowers us. The reality we see on paper is rarely as intimidating as the monster we imagine when putting it off. We get it, though. It can definitely feel overwhelming, which is why we ask participants to pick just ONE action item. Remember -- it’s not about the money but about our habits, systems, community and action steps! 

WCF is all about GSD -- Getting Stuff Done! So every week we're going to share a few helpful takeaways from that week's webinar. These are simple, uber practical tips -- recommendations from our experts as well as action items from our course participants. Here are some Tuesday Takeaways from month 1 personal finance:

  • Look at what you spent - and where - for the last 3 months.

  • Run your credit report.

  • Download a budget app like YNAB.

  • Set a “Money Monday” -- carve out one day per week to manage finances.

  • Create weekly family money meetings.

  • Set goals (e.g., buy a house) and put your money to work to serve those goals.

We’re off to an exciting start! If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry. New participants are signing up every day. Everything you'll need, including webinar recordings, our workbook, spreadsheets and chat transcripts are uploaded and available to the class and all new registrants. To kick-start your fall, join us now! Woman’s Compass Forum

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