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Who's Your Accountability Buddy?

Now is the time to talk about accountability. The unimaginable has happened - violent insurrection at our nation's Capitol - and we are at an inflection point. Those responsible must be held accountable for their crimes. I can't help but view everything else through this lens right now.

So let's focus on personal accountability. A new year brings renewed reflection on the changes we'd like to make in own lives. If you want to make positive changes in your life, you need to hold yourself accountable. We know dis (if you don't know the reference, see this SNL clip!). The question is how. Our news feeds this month are full of helpful tips and advice. Like most things, however, there's no one size fits all. We all view accountability differently; different tools work for some and not for others. Experts seems to agree (see this great NY Times article): "Accountability works best when it comes from the outside.” Here are 10 tips to staying accountable with money - and other - goals for 2021:

1) Make It Fun

Check out Napkin Finance! It uses graphics on napkins to explain more complex financial and legal topics. ESG Investing (environmental social and governance) is a hot topic ... as it should be. Law can be fun too -- you'll find napkins on estate planning, powers of attorney, fiduciary duty and more.

Speaking of fun, join us for our third Compass and Coffee conversation on Tuesday, January 19 at noon EST. Meet us and our course alumni -- learn what Woman's Compass Forum is all about! Just email us and we'll send you the Zoom link.

2) Take a Class

We know this seems obvious. But if you show up every week in a class, you’ll do the homework and take action steps. Even small ones help you move forward. We see this every day in our Woman’s Compass Forum course. Register for our next course by January 19 to get the special early bird price. Remember, our next course starts 2/2/21!

3) Automate

For example, sign up for a Robo-Advisor like Ellevest, Betterment and Wealthfront. Or try an exercise tracker like Fitbit, a water/hydration app like WaterMinder, or a sleep tracker like Sleepcycle.

4) Make a Money Date Seriously - it's important! These conversations help partners save more money and do more with their finances. That's why we're thrilled when couples come to our Woman's Compass Forum classes together. Not all conversations about money are easy, but they strengthen relationships. This article has some great tips on how to move through difficult conversations around money. The concepts apply just as well to legal matters - talking about important issues like healthcare planning at a designated time keep these concerns from seeping into other moments of the week and month.

5) Sign up for a Newsletter Whether it's on personal finance, healthy eating or mindfulness, a weekly newsletter like ours will keep you motivated. Just by seeing the email in your inbox, you'll be motivated to take an action step. Or more than one!

6) Make it Automatic

Make it easy for yourself by setting up automatic savings, whether it’s going every month to an online savings account (like or to a mutual fund like Vanguard and Fidelity. It also leverages dollar cost averaging and builds wealth in your sleep. Or try the Acorns app and round up your savings!

7) Find an Accountability App

It's why people love Peloton. We want to reach 50 classes. Then 100 classes. We want to beat our output from last time. So set that up with your finances and in other areas of your life. Habits are powerful. Check out this article for some great accountability apps.

8) Get Rid of Monthly Subscriptions.

They are are costing you more than you know. Clarity Money helps you stop throwing money away on unused subscriptions by helping you uncover and cancel subscriptions you’re not using.

9) Declare it on Social Media

You don’t have to brag about the $ in your accounts or the pounds you've lost but you can share the little money steps you're taking, healthy recipes, a beautiful hike or other resources others might find helpful. Create a positive community!

10) Reflections Not Resolutions

Look at what worked for you last year and focus on that. For example, by not commuting or traveling, we were able to teach more classes. What worked for you last year?

Let us be your accountability buddy! Our next course starts Feb. 2, 2021! Compass curious? Learn more over coffee or lunch next Tuesday at noon EST. Get Grounded For Life with Woman's Compass Forum.

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