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Why is chair yoga good for your financial and legal wellbeing?

Everywhere you turn there seems to be something you should be doing. That's never been more true than now during this pandemic winter of discontent. What's more, the shoulds have never been so confusing: You should be saving for retirement and buying holiday gifts from local businesses, you should be working out and avoiding the gym, you should be preparing home-cooked meals and ordering in from local restaurants to keep them afloat, and so on.

So how do we stay sane in the face of all this pressure (and uncertainty)? First off, by letting those shoulds go! And by stepping back for a moment so you can prioritize and find balance. When you do that, you'll see it's not so binary. You can take care of yourself this season by making mindful choices. For example, you might choose to spend more reasonably and thoughtfully by buying gift cards from your town's local shops and restaurants (or making homemade gifts), or choose to incorporate more intentional movement throughout your day - whether it's a bundled up walk with the dog, a online yoga class or an impromptu dance party in your kitchen!

We saw the power of this in action on Tuesday, when Michelle began the webinar with a 20-minute chair yoga session. In those few moments, we shifted from our usual manic get it done now mode to a calmer, looser, more focused intentional mode. The remaining 40-minutes of the class were high energy and exceptionally productive (and my back felt better too!). Chair yoga is also a great example of our "perfection is the enemy of the good" philosophy: you don't need a mat, an hour, or even an instructor in order to get the benefit of mindful movement.

Our takeaway? Just a few minutes of mind/body attention helps us better manage the stuff that stresses us out - whether it's money or legal worries or interpersonal challenges. Everything is connected. That's why Woman's Compass Forum integrates all three essential areas in the most accessible way possible. With both chair yoga and Woman's Compass Forum - you can accomplish a lot without leaving your office chair!

Here are a few more mind/body tips from Chair Yoga Tuesday:

  • Exercise is super important for your immune system because it helps stimulate lymph activity and move fluid through the lymph system. When we move our bodies the muscles contract and push the lymph through the lymph vessels, which encourages fluid drainage and removal of cellular debris.

  • You can move your body even when you're sitting in a chair, do a little chair yoga (or get a standing desk), or get up and take a short walk.

  • Consider a Green Powder Supplement - many contain ingredients like Spirulina that is nutrient dense and that you may not find in your everyday diet. Studies show it has potential to be anti-inflammatory and helpful in maintaining levels of good gut microbiota. Yay for gut health!

  • If you are buying a greens powder you want to be sure you are buying from a reputable company you can trust so as to avoid heavy metal contamination.

Make every day a Chair Yoga Tuesday. Not necessarily by doing chair yoga every day (though that wouldn't be bad!), but by taking an integrative approach to your financial, legal and overall wellbeing. Get a 360 degree life plan that works for you. Get Grounded For Life with Woman's Compass Forum. Our next course starts Feb. 2, 2021.

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